The aim of this project was to give a portable kitchen to "Urban Nomads" and give them the opportunity to make their own food on their own demand. By definition urban nomads are people of the X,Y and millennial generations that live inside the urban space but do not own or otherwise rent a home or apartment, thus living in the street with all kinds of portable housing. It is crucial to say that urban nomads hold jobs and a social life and are very different than the "home-less" and prefer to refer to themselves as "home-free".
Explosion and section view of the full system
It was very important to me to use all the space created in the closed system and create a fully functional system with no gaps, making it 100% efficient  for the users. That is why every vessel has a lid and why the plates can be used as lids for the big bowls, so that food can be stored for later or taken to work as a lunch box. In the same spirit I took the ratchet that keeps the system attached to the street pole and used it as the closing mechanism for the whole set. In addition the big lid can close not only the pot but also the pan and the cutting board, allowing the user to use it in different ways. It can be placed on the pot when cooking soup or pasta, on the pan for spanish omelet or on the cutting board for keeping cooked food fresh for a friend who is late to come for dinner. 
Ratchet mechanism used to close the kit
Multi-Lid System
More Details
Polyurethane Foam Model 
Here are some examples of Urban Nomads and their lifestyle

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