Re-Cap is a protective helmet for patients recovering from brain surgery. 
Moral and self awareness are a crucial factor in rapid healing.  I aimed to design a product that is visually more healthy than sick, more sporty than disabled and that spoke more about the future than the past. To give people coming out of a life-threatening surgery the feeling they be be well again and to make patients feel comfortable as possible walking down the street and spending time with their families. The main values that guided me through the design of Re-Cap were Mobility, Comfort and Style.
 The Re-Cap System is assembled from 3 different parts: 
Cap, Sticker and Strap.
The Cap: The top part of the cap is an ABS injection mold that acts as our patients new skull. It contains within itself the stretching mechanism that stretches the strap, this mechanism can be operated only by the doctor using the unique one of a kind key. The bottom part is padded with 3 rubber buttons that provide a perfect fit for every human head, anywhere on the skull. Between the rubber buttons there is place to fit a specialized, changeable, bandage in order to provide the maximum sterility required in these complex medical situations.
The Sticker:   A water resistant flesh sticker like ones used by athletes can stay attached to the skin up to 10 days. Using a sticker to attach Re-Cap to the body was very relevant because of the high mobility the sticker can provide.  It was crucial that the attachment to every patient will be as precise as possible to achieve maximum comfort. 
The Strap:   The strap is a semi-flexible nylon strap. Semi-flexibility gives the adjustable comfort the patient needs and the sturdiness the doctor requires. At the end of the cap there is a rotary T connector that connects to the sticker, allowing the patient to remove the helmet without removing the stickers.

Medic User Manual and Patient User Manual explain the way that Re-Cap is used. 
Above you can see the available post craniotomy helmet.​​​​​​​

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